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Camp onsite for non-stop Freaky Deaky action! Pitch a tent, park a car, or go big with an RV - we got you covered. So crew up and camp down with all your friends and freaks at this year's Halloween celebration!

Camping is restricted to patrons ages 18 and above, and you must have a festival wristband to camp at Freaky Deaky Festival.

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Our most affordable way to camp at Freaky Deaky! Bring a tent, and/or your car, and camp right next to the festival grounds.

  • Ideal location located next to the festival grounds.
  • 10'x35' camping space.
  • Access to camping entertainment and activities.
  • Access to campground marketplace, including ice, food, drink, merch, and general store.
  • Showers available for small fee.
  • Free water stations.

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RV Camping

Driving in your own or rented RV? This option is for you!

  • Ideal location located next to the festival grounds.
  • 20'x50' camping space.
  • Access to camping entertainment and activities.
  • Access to campground marketplace, including ice, food, drink, merch, and general store.
  • Free drinking water stations.
  • Showers available for small fee.
  • RV water fill and pumping will be available for purchase.
  • RV power available in 30 Amp and 50 Amp connections for an additional fee.

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ADA Camping

We are dedicated to providing an accessible festival experience to all fans. Freaky Deaky Festival will feature an array of accessible features, including parking, restrooms, viewing platforms, and more.

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Make the most of your time at the event with a quick peek at the general festival guidelines.

  • Camping wristbands do NOT grant you access to the festival grounds. All campers must have a festival wristbands in addition to their camping wristband. No Exceptions.
  • No reserving spots. If groups want to camp together, they must arrive together. We recommend meeting up before arriving to ensure we can accommodate you.
  • Camping spots are assigned in the order that you arrive. You must camp in your assigned spot.
  • When arriving at the campgrounds, the name associated with the order must be present to claim the spot. No exceptions. Coordinate and arrive together.
  • Only cars parked in the overnight parking lot will be allowed to come and go with the appropriate parking pass.
  • Cars parked inside the car camping site cannot be moved, once parked, for the duration of the festival. There is no re-entry for camping vehicles. If you must leave early and do not plan on returning, contact the Camping Host so that security can guide you out safely.
  • For your safety, when the festival ends Sunday night, camping vehicles will not be able to leave until 8:00 AM Monday morning at the earliest.
  • Campgrounds close at 2:00 PM on Monday, October 31st.
  • All vehicles and campers will be searched upon arrival before entry into the campgrounds. This included an ID check to ensure everyone is 18+. Camping locations are also subject to search.
  • All campers must be wearing both camping and festival wristbands.
  • Small Coleman-style propane grills are the only exception to the festival's open-flame rule. Please do not bring charcoal grills, wood, fire pits, tiki torches, any fuel, or large propane tanks. All of these items will be confiscated at the gates and will not be returned.
  • Unauthorized solicitation is not allowed anywhere at the festival. This includes the venue, camping areas, and parking lots.
  • No large sound systems (if neighbors ask you to turn it down, please respect their wishes).
  • If you have a vehicle parked at your campsite, you are allowed to sleep in it. However, this can be a serious health risk, and we do not advise this. All vehicles parked must remain off while they are parked.
  • If you are parked in the overnight parking lot, sleeping in your car is strictly prohibited.
  • This is an 18+ event. You must be 18+ at the time event starts to be granted entry into camping or the festival.

Item Policy

Be advised that the camping item policy listed below is separate from the festival item policy.

  • NO Illegal substances or paraphernalia.
  • NO outside Beer & Alcohol per TABC guidelines.
  • NO Glass of any kind (this includes wine bottles, drinking glasses, pickle jars, large mirrors, test tubes, and glass vape juice bottles. Paper or Plastic ONLY.).
  • NO Obscure gels, liquids, or wax, including vape juice (juice within tank is okay).
  • NO Glass lighting. Plastic tipped Christmas-style lights OK.
  • NO Weapons, items that could be used as a weapon, or harmful objects of any kind (including steak knives, pepper spray,etc).
  • NO Large sound systems (If you are asked to turn it down please respect the people around you and be a good neighbor).
  • NO Gas-powered generators.
  • NO Fireworks or explosives of any kind.
  • NO Open flames of any kind will be allowed. (Camp fires, fire pits, tiki torches, sky lanterns, etc).
  • NO full sized propane grill, charcoal, butane or fires of any kind (small Coleman-style propane grill ok).
  • NO Pets, leave your pets at home except service animals which must have a current health certificate and rabies vaccine.
  • NO Bicycles, scooters, or personal motorized vehicles (including, but not limited to: golf carts, ATVs, motor scooters, powered skateboards).
  • NO Drones.
  • NO box trucks or buses or trailers (a camping trailer is OK, but it is considered an RV which requires an RV pass).
  • NO Vending of any kind is allowed (Sharing yes, selling, no. You know the difference.)
  • NO Fliers.
  • NO Stickers.
  • NO Logo-wrapped canopy tents.
  • NO Branded, wrapped or sponsored vehicles, RVs, tents, etc utilized for marketing purposes.
  • NO Spray paint.
  • NO Paint markers.
  • NO Laser pens or similar focused-light devices.
  • NO Over-the-Counter Medications (unless in unopened, factory-sealed packaging).
  • NO Non-Compliant Prescription Medications (See FAQ for Prescription Medication Questions).
  • NO totems over 10 feet in height, constructed of metal or wooden pieces, sharpened elements, or are capable of being pounded into the ground or causing harm to others.
  • NO professional cameras and recording equipment. NO detachable lens over 2" in length.
  • NO Tanks of compressed air, helium, nitrous, etc..
  • NO Aerosol products/cans except Sunscreen and Bug Spray.


Peep the visual guide accompanying this year's event to get a lay of the land and prepare to party. Navigate the otherworldly grounds between stages hosting the hotly anticipated lineup.

Immerse yourself in our freaky festivities and explore what's in store with the official map!

Camping and Festival maps will be released closer to the event date. Check back soon!


Camping arrivals begin at 12:00 PM on Friday, October 28th, and continue through 10:00 PM that night.

The following two days, Saturday and Sunday, camping arrivals continue between 8:00 AM and 8:00 PM.


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